Seasonal Allergies in Winter

The allergen is a substance that causes seasonal allergy in winter to human and animals. An Ige test is done to check whether an individual has allergy or not. The allergic reaction can occur by direct contact of allergen or by consuming food. If the person is suffering from any allergy, then the immunity of the person decreases and the body releases histamine chemical. This causes seasonal allergy winter symptoms in humans.

Common winter Allergy Triggers.

Mold: Mold is the common allergic problem in winter as there are many mold sources. The spores travel through air and the common source of the mold is ventilated bathroom and Christmas tree. It is one of the seasonal allergy winter symptoms.

Pets: People get allergic from the fur of animals due to the dander which gets collected on their body. The dander can be inhaled by a nose or mouth which can cause allergy.

Pollen: Pollen is the microscopic organism and it causes allergic reactions. The pollen travels through the wind and spreads in the environment.

Seasonal allergies winter symptoms.

The common symptoms of seasonal allergy include runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and cough. In very severe cases a person might have an attack of asthma. Other symptoms can be sinus, respiratory and ear infections.

Ways to prevent allergies in winter.

The foremost way to keep seasonal allergies winter symptoms at bay is to clean air conditioner and filter daily. This helps to keep away from dust allergy. Even the indoor plants can cause allergy and it is necessary to check them. Green tea is very healthy drink and even boosts the immunity of the person as it contains flavanoids and polyphenols. The best natural way to keep away from seasonal allergy winter symptoms is to consume magnesium and vitamin C which can help to prevent allergy.

There are many natural remedies for the allergic person and the allergy can also be cured without consuming any sort of medicine. Nevertheless it is very essential to keep away from seasonal allergies winter sickness.